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There were so many groupies backstage during Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction tour in 1987, that roadies handed out raffle tickets to the excited women who would do anything to hook up with their heroes. “If your number was called, then you got to meet the band,” said Candi, 21, from Chicago. “I couldn’t believe it when my ticket came up. I was ushered into a small side room and there, sitting very quietly, was the band. In front of them, on a table, was a large selection of coffee sachets, individual teabags and potted preserves. Duff was busy unpacking the tiny pots from a large sports bag and Axl stood by the table with a clipboard and pen. ‘It’s tea or coffee, and one jello plus butter/margarine each,’ Axl barked. He then told me to hurry up and get out, as there was a queue of girls waiting behind me. It was so cool”